Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moving Day for the Blog!

small sunny garden, blog, amy myers
Well, this is a big day at the small, sunny garden blog!  Late last night (or rather very, very early this morning!) I posted my first full post at the new site: a Monday Vase for the first Monday in October.

It seems all the more appropriate because this is a time of new beginnings in the desert garden, and I hope it will be a wonderful start to a wonderful new time for the blog.  I've felt like I was playing with a new Christmas toy, getting everything set up (except for those times when things weren't going quite right, of course -- which, as I recall, sometimes happened with the Christmas toys too); it's been great fun styling and laying things out.  It's all still far from finished but far enough along to warrant transferring my regular posts.

As some of you may recall, this move was triggered chiefly by the hope of clearing up the perennial difficulties experienced by WordPress users when commenting.  It looks like that will indeed be much easier now - one plus for the new format already.  Additionally it feels great to have the whole layout so much more under my control.  (No, I don't think I'm a control freak... much!)

So this will be my farewell post for the blogspot site.  I am looking into linking it to the new site to facilitate searches, but I've not yet confirmed that I can do that.

Meantime, the new site is up and running at  I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I!