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Encycylopedia from the Desert Garden

This is a mini-encyclopedia covering plants I have grown in this garden.  I am hoping it will be a helpful quick reference to readers and desert gardeners.  Each entry title is linked to a post containing fuller information on the given plant.  This is very much a work in progress; please bear with my slow compilation!

Plants are listed by botanical name in alphabetical order.  I try to stay abreast of current nomenclature, but names are in a state of flux right now!  Please check by synonyms if you cannot find the plant you are looking for.  Having said which, I am only listing plants I have actually grown in this garden...


Berlandiera lyrata

Common name: Chocolate Flower, Lyreleaf Greeneyes
Type: Perennial
Size: 12-24 inches x 24-36 inches, approx.
Foliage: gray-green, slender, scalloped
Flowers: Yellow with dark burgundy centers, very long-blooming
Water: Very drought-tolerant but can accept more moisture
Hardiness: Very heat-tolerant; cold-tolerant to -15 F
Soil: Tolerates alkalinity
Exposure: Sun to light shade

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Common names: Red Bird of Paradise, Pride of Barbados, etc.
Type: tender shrub
Size: 3-12 feet high and wide, depending on moisture
Foliage: fernlike, layered, bright green
Flowers: yellow, orange, and red with long stamens, summer
Water: drought-tolerant
Hardiness: very heat-tolerant, cold-tender, recovers from roots
Soil: tolerates a range of soils
Exposure: Sun to light shade

Chrysactinia mexicana

Common name: Damianita
Type: woody subshrub
Size: 12-24 inches x 24 inches, approx.
Foliage: needle-like, evergreen, aromatic
Flowers: yellow, primarily spring
Water: Very drought-tolerant
Hardiness: Extremely heat tolerant; cold-tolerant to 0 F
Soil: tolerates alkalinity
Exposure: sun to light shade

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