Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lemon Blooms in August

Lemon blossom, citrus, desert citrus, desert garden, lemon

Yes, really!  A few lemon blossoms are scattered here and there through our two lemon trees.  Complete with fragrance.

I have no idea whether any fruit will set, but it is quite pleasant to have this little flush of bloom at the end of August.  Daytime temperatures continue in the triple digits - though today's temperature of 104 F (40 C) begins to feel almost mild, especially now that the humidity is over.  The weather has been insane here in any case, with unusually heavy rains through much of July and August.  Perhaps they account for the happiness of the lemon trees!

Pomegranate flower, pomegranate blossom, punica granatum, desert garden

The pomegranate is throwing out a few blooms as well.

Oranges, citrus tree, orange tree, desert garden, ripening oranges

...while the orange tree is simply going about its business of ripening the year's crop of oranges.  It does have some handsome new growth, but I haven't seen any flowers.  It has a full load of fruit, however, which is beginning to color up.

Ever so slowly, summer is drawing toward its close...

Lemon blossom, citrus blossom, lemon flower, citrus, desert garden

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