Monday, October 13, 2014

Leaves of Eremophila

Eremophila,Emu bush, desert plant, desert shrub, desert garden, sepia photography

The two eremophilas have been planted and are settling in nicely.  Although I will have to wait a little longer to see the blooms (both varieties are expected to have yellow flowers), I have been enjoying the leaves... with a camera...

Eremophila, Emu bush, Desert shrub, Desert garden

The leaves of the two are noticeably different, but both are fine-textured and have a happy effect of "green plant".

One - I believe this is the prostrate-growing species - has dark green, elongated leaves.

The other has softly rounded leaves, a little more gray-toned and with faint burgundy edges.

Eremophila, Emu bush, desert plant, desert shrub, desert garden

The common name for these plants is Emu Bush, as the fruits of certain Eremophila species supply fodder for emus in their native Australia.  However, in the absence of emus, I hope my little specimens will grow well.  These plants were grown on the southern side of Phoenix, but they seem happy enough with their new location.

And they make beautiful lines and lights and shadows in the October sunlight here in the desert...

Eremophila, Emu bush, desert garden, desert shrub, sepia photography

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