Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ode to a Packing Box

flower bulbs, Dutch iris bulbs

What is more exciting to the gardener than the arrival of a cardboard box?  A small, sturdy, cardboard box strapped together at the seams with shipping tape.  When opened, the top is lightly stuffed with paper wads; underneath is an invoice and perhaps a spare catalog or planting instructions.

Then an assortment of packaging meets the eye, from plastic netting to perforated bags to paper parcels.  Inside are thin, brown oniony skins or soft, pale rinds of bulbs.  Some have firm green noses poking from their growing tips.  Some have a tangle of roots, others just a little furry disc at the base.

25 Iris Blue Magic
25 Iris reticulata Harmony
25 Narcissus canaliculatus
10 Narcissus Suzy
1 Amaryllis...

Well, most are in the ground now.  Narcissus canaliculatus has a reputation for liking it hot and dry so seemed a good place to start.  I love species and miniature narcissus.  And I needed a little cool blue, therefore the selection of Irises.  The jonquilla Suzy replaces the tazetta Falconet, which sold out before my late, late order was filled.

Dutch Iris bulbsDutch Iris "Blue Magic", flower bulbs

I mixed N. canaliculatus and I. r. Harmony (at different depths) in part of the planting; usually I group my bulbs by themselves but wanted to try combining these miniatures for once.  They went into the south bed, while I. Blue Magic slipped in and around the rose bush and the autumn sage.

Wating for early spring, or whenever these plants bloom here...!  And hoping that my watering keeps them happy.

Not much left to plant...
Flower bulbs

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