Monday, December 15, 2014

A Tiny Posy

tetraneuris, Monday vase, small sunny garden, lavender
Today's vase and post have to be quick ones, so here is a tiny vase with  just a few flowers in it.  Happily, I can introduce a new flower here: Tetraneuris acaulis (formerly Hymenoxys acaulis).  Quite a bit of name for this delightful, native yellow daisy!  It is a low-growing plant with grassy foliage, but the flower stems are long and wiry, lending themselves to a graceful effect.
tetraneuris, Monday vase, small sunny garden
Also included in this vase are a couple sprigs of perovskia.  My very young plant is still blooming profusely.
perovskia, Monday vase, small sunny garden
 A single stem of lavender (Lavandula stoechas "Madrid") was added as well.  There are a good many more blooming stems; I'm very pleased with this selection so far!  Also present is some foliage from the new Acacia salicina, which I wrote about in my last post, and a spring of rosemary.
tetraneuris, Monday vase, small sunny garden, acacia foliage
The tiny bud vase is the same handthrown stoneware piece that I used in my first Monday vase post.

Sorry to be so brief; I'm sure this sounds a little hurried - which it is!  But I didn't want to miss posting for the Monday Vase meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.  I'm sure there will be other less rushed posts from her and other participants today, so by all means check them out and enjoy!  Happy Monday!
tetraneuris, Monday vase, small sunny garden


  1. I am fascinated to see what flowers you can grow in Arizona, Amy, and what are natives, and your quick little posy is a great example of how easy it is to produce something from the garden that gives such a lot of pleasure - this sums up the essence of the meme so thanks for sharing it. As you say, the stems of Tetraneuris are great for a little arrangement like this - no doubt we will see them again!

    1. I certainly hope to use the Tetraneuris often; with those long, wiry stems it works into a vase very well, and it looks like it will last fairly well cut. As you can see, the flowers have a great deal of personality - a related species apparently goes by the common name of Perky Sue ;-) I was so glad to have the material for a quick vase this morning; following this meme has already given me a lot of pleasure and opened my eyes to how much is really out there for the picking!