Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Yellow Daisy (Tetraneuris acaulis)

Tetraneuris acaulis flower, desert garden groundcover
This little plant has already figured in a couple of posts: a flower in the tiny posy from early December, and the curly, bronze foliage from my last post.  Today it finally receives a bit of well-deserved attention in a post all its own.

Tetraneuris acaulis (formerly Hymenoxys acaulis) is quite a small plant.  It is one of many dry climate natives that produce bright yellow daisies.  But it has a unique charm with its low mat of foliage supporting the sturdy little blooms on long stems.  This gives the whole plant an airy look.
Tetraneuris acaulis
The yellow is vibrant and catches the eye from a distance...
Tetraneuris acaulis flower
...while the bronzy foliage (I am not sure the colour will remain as strong during summer's heat!) supplies a rich tone against the light soil.
Tetraneuris acaulis foliage
Tetraneuris acaulis, desert garden groundcover
Although the blossoms did not hold long when cut, they are so far very long-lasting on the plant.

Apparently this plant, flowers, and foliage can vary considerably in size and other characteristics.  This specimen was not a named variety, but it is proving highly satisfactory.  It is quite a cheerful little dry-climate subject!
Tetraneuris acaulis


  1. Charmante petite fleur dans un jaune lumineux. Belle variété inconnue pour moi jusqu'à ce soir. Je note son nom....
    Belle soirée

    1. I hope some of these delightful little natives will find their way into a wider range of gardens. Of course, they are indispensable here, but they surely have the potential to win many hearts! Good morning :)