Saturday, January 31, 2015

One Minute in January

Jan. 30

I intended to begin displaying some views of the actual flower beds for the End of the Month View, but it was much too wet this morning.  Since the rain was fairly slow, I went out - hazarding my phone - and tried another idea I had had some time back: filming the raindrops on a few of the plants.  But when I uploaded the short clips to the blog, they were hopelessly fuzzy.

At this point there was a break in the weather so in theory I could have returned to my first plan.  Not to be.  Because by this time I was too intrigued with filming the plants...

My sister kindly let me borrow her video camera, and I tried again.  Results below.   Please excuse the extremely amateur filming and editing!  One has to start somewhere.

Small Sunny Garden: Russelia in January from amy myers on Vimeo.

So there is a one minute glimpse of the garden for the End of the Month View - barely in time for Helen's meme at The Patient Gardener.  I hope you enjoy this most unorthodox approach to the meme.

The other event of the day was the arrival of a large box.  Bella looked it over and approved.  So did I.
These are for the new rose border at the back of the patio, where the only things growing (intentionally) are a couple of palm trees and some lantana.  Varieties chosen are tall growers; and as more are added, they will hopefully produce a hedge effect the length of the patio.

Postscript in the Form of a Flower

Jan. 31 

The first Eremophila flower has finally opened.  Among the unopened buds, it creates a striking combination of pink and red.  It is aptly named "Valentine".


  1. Oh how I do love a parcel of plants, so much anticipation

  2. Love the video and the sound of the birds singing. And roses! How exciting.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it - and happy you could listen to the birds. They just began singing a week or so ago. I'm thrilled with the roses; I've really missed having the DA varieties around!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Iva! Welcome to the blog :)

  4. Love the birdsong behind the Russelia. Thanks for sharing the Eremophila photo too - I've been interested to see the flowers. Now I have to find space for one of these shrubs.

    1. The birds have been very happy here lately! The Eremophila is a real winner so far. The bush is still quite small but loaded with flowers.