Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Vase: the New Rose

rose "crown princess Margareta", chamomile, Monday Vase meme, English rose
I fully intended to use yesterday's little posy, made of Helipterum daisies with lavender, for today's vase.  For a variety of reasons, it unfortunately wasn't in condition to present for today's theme; and besides, I had a very special flower on hand.

This is the first bloom from the David Austin rose "Crown Princess Margareta".  She is part of the new rose border being created  across the back of the patio, e.g. on a perpendicular line to the main garden.  We are using varieties that will (hopefully) grow large and give a sense of enclosure to the area.  Five roses have been growing there since early February, when they arrived as bare root orders from the US branch of David Austin.  Margareta is the first to open.  She is lovely.
rose "crown princess Margareta"
This morning I clipped the flower and combined it with some chamomile (also just beginning to bloom) for a small bouquet.
chamomile flower
All went into a newly made earthenware pot, fresh out of the kiln about a week ago.  I have another garden project on hand with the pottery, which I hope to post about fairly soon.
rose "crown princess Margareta", chamomile, Monday Vase meme
I have to admit that I probably wouldn't combine these two flowers again because of the question of fragrance.  The rose has, of course, a wonderful scent; but one's nose has to get to it through the very herbal fragrance of the chamomile.  Now, I enjoy chamomile tea; but when I am trying to smell a rose, the combination poses difficulties!  I do like the simplicity of just the little herb flowers with the many-petaled rose.
chamomile, Monday Vase meme
The pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the rose.  A delicate rosette in pale apricot, fragrant, it is classic David Austin in style.  The bush is growing well and is recommended for hot summer areas.

Though my post is rather late, I am of course linking to Cathy's Monday Vase meme, where one can go to find many wonderful projects that take material from the garden to create a touch of beauty indoors.
rose "crown princess Margareta" Monday Vase meme


  1. Oh that is indeed a gorgeous rose, Amy, and how lovely to have it blooming for you in April. I planted several new David Austin roses in the autumn so look forward to them flowering, probably by about June, although they have a long way to go before then. I look forward to hearing more about your rose border and seeing more of your pots :)

    1. I wish we could order bare root roses in autumn here! I've found very few suppliers that will sell then, and I'm still not sure why... I'm sure yours will be all the sturdier from settling in and coming along more slowly. btw, thank you for deleting those extra comments I left on your post!! :)