Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monday Vase: A Rose By Any Other Red...

Rose "William Shakespeare 2000", Monday vase meme
Because this is, in fact, the red rose William Shakespeare 2000.  For any of you who shake your heads when looking at the rather pale hue, that is how it has been during the heat of summer!  Most of my roses have bloomed considerably lighter than their "normal" colour.  At any rate, I know that the scent is right!

I've not presented the Bard much on the blog yet, despite the fact that this is my favorite of David Austin's red roses.  Grown well, the lush quartering, large blooms, deep, rich crimson colour, and full old rose fragrance make it one of the most superb of roses.

This bush was planted at the same time as the other David Austin varieties, but in a different location - namely, a small planter in the front patio.  I had so longed to see a deep red rose there.  But I am learning that the front patio is perhaps the toughest location on our property, more of a heat sink than anything else.  I hadn't expected this with its northern exposure and shade-producing (and heat-reflecting?) walls on all sides.  But most plants find it difficult there, and roses particularly tend to have trouble with spider mites.  So Will, having recovered from a combined attack of mites and aphids, shall soon be relocated to the garden; I have just the spot...

In the meantime, he is recovered enough to put out some blooms: small, yes, but it's thrilling to see them coming finally!  I cut one open blossom and one bud for today's vase.  Then I added the scarlet equivilent to their crimson, the colour supplied by my faithful Russelia.  A few stems of Salvia greggii "Flame" (almost invisible in these photos) and the silver foliage of Convolvulus cneorum completed the effect in my small-mouthed earthenware pot.
Monday Vase meme
"William Shakespeare 2000" with Russelia equisetiformis...
Rose "William Shakespeare 2000", russelia, monday vase meme
...with Convolvulus cneorum...
Monday Vase meme, silver foliage, Convolvulus cneorum foliage
...which is mostly used to accent the far side of the arrangement.
Monday Vase meme, Amy Myers ceramics
A close-up of a few scarlet trumpets at the mouth of the little pot...
Russelia, Monday Vase meme
I was unable to complete the post yesterday, but here it is now for Tuesday!  Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this wonderful theme!
Monday Vase meme, Convolvulus cneorum, Russelia
Weather Diary: Mostly sunny; High: 104 F (40 C)/Low: 88 F (31 C)


  1. Roses blooming at 104F - I'm sure Shakespeare would be impressed.

    1. I hope so, Kris ;-) I hate to think what I've put this poor bush through. Come fall it goes into a bit of shade!

  2. My goodness that arrangement is perfect in that vase...love the color and shape of the vase....and I love the salvia and rose together.

    1. Thanks so much, Donna! I've found this vase with its tiny mouth to be very useful for flowers :)

  3. You've certainly risen to the challenge of growing roses in a hot climate...and this is a great arrangement with the beautifully crafted vase.

    1. I'm learning (happily!) that roses are wonderfully versatile plants :) So glad you like the arrangement and the little pot, which was nearly a reject at first but has proved its worth on Mondays... Thanks so much!

  4. I have really struggled to leave a comment on your post and on any BlogSpot blogs last night and today so something has changed somewhere. I have tried again using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox and that seems to be OK which is all very odd as I have been using Firefox in preference for a couple of years. What I was trying to say was:
    'Despite the single open bloom of WS he is still the star of your lovely vase - the scarlets tone beautifully with him. Hope he moves happily to your chosen spot!'

    1. ...and I'm sitting here trying to keep Windows from restarting my computer before I've finished replying...! If WS moves well at all, I think he will appreciate the change. I've always been terrified of moving roses, but I have several that need to be shifted so I will have to get up my courage... :) Thanks so much for taking the time to get through here, Cathy - so sorry it took so much effort!