Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In a Vase: Interlude in Light and Dark

Yesterday's vase was a fun afterthought to my Bloom Day post.  Going around, snipping for the vase, I discovered tidbits I didn't know were still flowering.  In fact, this vase is very much a collection of tidbits.
It began with pairing my dark-glazed pot with the very dark blooms of ivy-leaf pelargonium "Precision".  I slipped in a bloom from Jasminum sambac, the Arabian jasmine which is scenting the air from the White and Silver garden -- with only a few blooms so far!
The heart of the vase is no surprise: a couple of roses, "St. Swithun"...
...and "The Generous Gardener", one of my favorites for fragrance now.
But then there was the stem of Nigella, with one small flower discovered among the big pods.
A spray of white lantana...
...combined with a couple of smaller sprigs from Ozothamnus diosmifolius, whose flowers seem to be more or less everlastings, a useful trait that I was not aware of when I purchased it.  Two stems still had unopened buds, the stage at which these are normally cut for arrangements.
I was also able to take a few stems of Salvia farinacea.
And there were long stems of Lavender "Goodwin's Creek Gray" and shorter stems of lemon thyme.
So there was actually quite a bit of material, even with just a stem here and two or three stems there.
The jasmine flower had dropped by this morning, but I really liked having the bright white accent while it lasted.
Hurrying over to Rambling in the Garden, where other vases and much inspiration can be found!
Weather Diary: Sunny; High: 90 F (32 C)/Low: 67 F (19 C)


  1. Gosh - what a deep colour the pelargonium is, and how lovely to have several roses to choose from. Roses here are only JUST starting! Love the colour of your nigella too. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Cathy! That pelargonium is fantastic, isn't it? Years ago I went through a phase of trying near-black flowers, then decided I wasn't so happy with them in the garden. I think Clematis "Niobe" was the only survivor. So it's been awhile since I've had any as dark as this. But this pelargonium I do like!

  2. Another stunning arrangement! Really love this one - That gorgeous St Swithun rose and the Pelargonium! Very beautifully done.
    - Kate x

    1. Thanks so much, Kate :) I was surprised how well this one came together, given my piecemeal snipping! St. Swithun is a lovely thing, isn't it?! And I love that Pelargonium too! Seeing all your container plantings has encouraged me to be a little braver about plants in pots -- important for this ivy-leaf, which couldn't take the sun in the garden :o but is now thriving!